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HKLF2019: Your Partner in the Future of Smart Home

Your users want easy, dynamic and above all fun connectivity. LEEDARSON can help that happen. People have lighting fittings almost everywhere in their homes, so the simply abundance of products makes them a superb platform to enhance connectivity. The systems we develop, used by many leading companies worldwide, have a proven track-record and quite literally shine out in terms of reliability, cost-efficiency and performance.

As guiding members of a number of alliances, we support all mainstream protocols, and with clever gateways, conversion platforms and bridges, whatever system is in place can be connected.

IoT enablement is already enhancing millions of peoples’ experiences in domestic settings. We are proud to be behind many of these solutions, some of which have, in their own right, become market leaders.

If you’re in Hong Kong, it would be a pleasure to welcome you to our hands-on demonstrations, in the Aurora Hall, stand 1B-D02. Our experts are on hand and would be delighted to go into the details and the chances that we can offer.

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