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Leedarson Establish the Strategic Cooperation Relationship with Huawei


Leedarson Establish the Strategic Cooperation Relationship with Huawei

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31st Aug 2016, Huawei and Leedarson signed a strategic cooperation agreement on its largest annual conference in Shanghai expo center. They will work together to create a more market competitive ecosystem based on the principle of “equality and mutual benefit to achieve Win-Win situation".


Leedarson and Huawei have long worked together in smart hardware, such as smart lighting and smart sensor, based on Huawei's advanced cloud computing solutions and the core control device for smart home systems. On the other hand, Leedarson professes its strengths in smart hardware R&D and manufacturing capacity, thus offering various high-quality products to help Huawei build a perfect smart home ecosystem.


In the meanwhile, both sides also enjoy high-level exchanges. This agreement means the strengthening of their mutual trust by solidifying the structure for further cooperation.


In the era of the Internet of things, creating a "Win-Win" collaboration is the inevitable choice for future sustainability. Leedarson hopes Huawei can help us to explore the new products and business opportunities, while Huawei takes advantage of Leedarson's ability to provide high quality and competitive products.


In the future, a new direction of traditional industry and internet communication industry will be found by sharing resources and complementary advantages of both sides.

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