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LEEDARSON Factory Awarded the Blue Rating by TESCO


Tesco awards LEEDARSON Factory a“blue” rating, the highest audit rating that can be achieved. Tesco Responsible Sourcing team only awards a few factories and LEEDARSON is definitely one of the leading one across Tesco’s supplier base. The “blue” rating will be valid for 24 months. During this time, LEEDARSON will not require an external ethical audits, instead only needing to be audited once every two years.


The blue ethical rating is only granted to production sites with proven effective internal management system for social and environmental compliance. A company that appears on the list needs to be scrutinized everything from products, processes, materials and cleanliness to ensure that a supplier meets a strict criteria in order to supply Tesco stores.


LEEDARSON is honored to be selected into these prestigious lists. The rating is truly the affirmation of our products, processes, and the commitment of our staff. We cherish this award and will continue to make our effort to develop and maintain effective management systems and become a supplier of the highest class.

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