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LEEDARSON Lighting Renamed as Leedarson IoT Technology


XIAMEN, CHINA - August 02, 2019 - As a world-leading ODM of intelligent lighting products, IoT software and hardware, and system solutions, Leedarson announced today that it has been renamed as Leedarson IoT Technology Inc. from its previous name Xiamen Leedarson Lighting Group Co., Ltd. according to its articles of association.     


The new name derives from the transformation of its development positioning, namely the shift to the IoT industry from the green lighting industry, and to a technology-based from a manufacturing-based company. In addition, the enterprise has started its coaching for an IPO at the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The new name can meet the qualification requirements for access to the capital market, facilitating better development prospects for the company in the future. 


With this renaming as a fresh start, Leedarson will continue to adhere to its enterprise spirit “To Achieve Better Others by Achieving Best Selves, and Build to Last with Credibility”, and become an admired world-leading IoT technology company. 

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