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LEEDARSON Officially Launches a Series of Solutions and Z-Wave Certified Products


Choosing a good protocol from the start can make your smart home solutions work smoothly and efficiently. As the world leader in IoT product manufacturing, LEEDARSON recognizes the richness of the Z-Wave protocol, making it ideal for a wide range of IoT applications. In CEDIA 2017, we are pleased to reveal our unparalleled and impressive portfolio of Z-Wave products and solutions to you, including a multi-protocol gateway, 4 in 1 sensors, smart lighting products, home automation solutions, and home security solutions.


Multi-protocol gateway 

LEEDARSON’s multi-protocol gateway complies with both Z-Wave and other protocols to work with any standard devices. If you combine our gateway and various smart lighting products, you will really feel the benefits of the gateway and smart lighting system - intelligent, energy-saving, satisfying all kinds of requirements. LEEDARSON’s multi-protocol gateway supports both a cloud service and an APP that can control devices remotely and gather data for analysis. In addition, the product can be controlled through voice commands with Amazon Alexa.


4 in 1 sensor 

A small sized sensor that combines with an exceptional measurement precision that can sense motion as well as measure humidity, temperature, and light intensity. LEEDARSON’s 4 in 1 sensor will connect to the system closely, so it can continuously monitor the home. It is installed easily, has a low battery alarm, and supports firmware OTA. This compact sensor has an integrated Z-Wave communication module to connect with the gateway, and this can be adapted to EU(868.42Mhz) or US(908.42MHz). LEEDARSON’s 4 in 1 sensor can create multiple user-defined scenarios and gives you an unparalleled experience.


Smart plug 

LEEDARSON’s smart plug is one of the most universal devices used to connect your intelligent home appliances with ease. With the smart plug, you can remotely control all of the appliances in your home with flexibility and convenience by our mobile APP. The plug stands equipped with a power measurement feature. It can help you measure the current and historical energy consumption of connected devices. A timer function offers an easy and lasting way for you to control your appliances on a pre-set schedule. Try to image that you let your coffee maker start before getting up and enjoy an aromatic, hot cup of coffee as you start your day. British, EU and USA types are available. 


Home automation

Intelligent home Automation is an ecosystem installed in the home to bring convenience and total comfort to your daily life. We support a cloud service and APP that you can set up and expand easily. Our devices and appliances can be networked together to provide you with unparalleled control over all aspects of our home and more. You can easily control your lights and home appliances, schedule them to automatically power on and off as needed and set smart scenes with sensors to automatically run for you. Our home automation solution contains various devices, including a multi-protocol gateway, door/window sensor, motion sensor, arrival sensor, 4 in 1 sensor, a remote controller, and smart plug.


Home security 

Our home security system equips your house with smart security devices to give you peace of mind. LEEDARSON’s home security system is equipped with both light and sound alarm functionality, which can be triggered whenever there is a threat. Our home security system can trigger an alarm locally to alert those in the immediate area, scare off intruders, and instantly notify you remotely. You can receive information about anything that occurred in your house even when you're away. From now on, you will never have to hide extra keys outside the door, never forget to turn off all the lights, and never worry about the jewelry in your drawer when you leave your home. Our home security solution contains various devices, including IP camera, siren, key fob, keypad, motion sensor, door/window sensor, and smoke sensor.



LEEDARSON is a world-class lighting and IoT total solution provider. From being only a manufacturer of lighting products, LEEDARSON now also provides smart lighting, sensors, gateways, smart accessories, apps, cloud, and solutions. Our products are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. LEEDARSON launched smart lighting systems in 2010 and expanded its product portfolio into multi-protocol gateways, controllers, smart plugs, and various sensors. We can provide various solutions for your smart home, from home automation to home security to home entertainment to smart lighting. Our powerful R&D team, located in Xiamen, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Taiwan, has experienced engineers and innovative designers. They help us stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Our fully-automated factory facilities, with numerous advanced equipment and experienced workers, manufacture over 55,000,000 pieces of lighting and IoT products per month.  As the Internet of Things grows and evolves, so will LEEDARSON as we continually push to exceed our customer’s expectations. That’s because we have a responsibility to our customers, and because at LEEDARSON, Building your success in IoT.

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