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LEEDARSON Showcasing Innovative Broad Range of Lighting Products & IoT Solutions at HK International Lighting Fair 2017


Lighting Company LEEDARSON at HK Convention & Exhibition Center. LEEDARSON is positioning itself as a leading manufacturer and innovative product advocator by showcasing its extended product portfolios and world-class production capability. This year, the company will bring a variety of new products from the LED light sources to LED fixtures, and ultimately all these will be combined and shown as lighting solutions to all the visitors.


At the booth of 1B-D02, Hall of Aurora, visitors will experience LEEDARSON’s broad range of products of the following:

§  LED lamps

o   Classic Lamps

o   Spots

o   Tubes

o   High Power

o   Innovative Lamps

§  Residential fixtures

o   Downlights

o   Floodlights

o   Cabinet Lights

§  Ambient fixtures

o   Flat Panels

o   Ceiling Light

o   Linear Fixtures

§  Professional fixtures

o   Commercial Downlights

o   Track Lights

o   Industry Lights

§  IoT stuff.

o   Items(Bulbs, Fixtures)

o   Solutions (Smart Home, Green Office)


LED tube is one of the significant ranges from the LED lamps family. LEEDARSON offers LED tubes suitable for different market requirements (North America, Europe, etc.). These tubes are highly compatible with well-known brand ballasts. The New LED tube range features higher lumen efficacy up to 150lm/W and a longer lifetime of 50,000h. For the North American market, the new type-B series is suitable for shunted and un-shunted G13 sockets. Also, it comes with a whole new Tandem series (series connectable 0.6m T8 tubes).  


Ambient lighting is another important range of LEEDARSON. As a stand product series, M7 flat-panel distinguishes itself by the light performance and controllability. Including the basic version of M7y with 100lm/W. The upgrade version M7+ features the higher lumen efficacy up to 140lm/W, which saves more energy and comforts your eyes with the benefits from lower glare and SDCM(<3). The premium residential version M7t supports CCT tunable function or RGBW feature by the remote or App that complies with multi-protocols. 


LEEDARSON’s new ER series is an innovative modularized commercial downlight with competitive high performance. The ER downlights offer 3 different types of installation. It provides various colors for selection. The changeable lens (available in 20/40/60◦) and LED units (available in SMD/COB) are brilliant for different beam spread or light experience needs. The patented pushable clips are a perfect fit for different ceiling thicknesses. In combination with IoT and other electronic add-ins, this is an amazing range of products that brings ultra-high efficiency to the market. 


IoT ideas and products are the most advanced elements. LEEDARSON brings many smart bulbs and fixtures to visitors. These products work with LEEDARSON's own-design App that allows easy access to dim or color change. Also, the world’s 1st Zigbee3.0 smart bulb designed by LEEDARSON is on the show. Plus, the company is advancing its IoT capability by providing 2 total solutions to consumers, building owners, Smart Home, and Green Office. The 2 Smart Home solutions provide you with smart lighting + automation function + smart security experiences at home through the company’s own platform and smart devices. And Green Office is a complete solution that creates a more comfortable working environment for the staff and saves more energy consumption by its various sensors or controls. All these experiences can be easily controlled by the remote or App. 


For more information, you are welcome to visit booth 1B-D02, Hall of Aurora at HK Convention & Exhibition Center. LEEDARSON is more than willing to introduce you to the most innovative products and appreciative to hear your voice towards them.

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