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Arnoo IoT Platform Debuts at IFA in Germany


At the IFA, LEEDARSON’s Arnoo IoT platform was unveiled for the first time. The platform provides one-stop smart home solutions and intelligent shortcuts for brand owners, manufacturers and distributors.

The era of global business intelligence is coming

The era of “big data” has arrived! According to world-renowned consulting firmMcKinsey & Co, “Data has penetrated every industry and business function today and become an important production factor. The mining and use of big data foreshadow a new round of productivity growth and consumer surplus." As such, the development of intelligent products is an inevitable trend.


However, many companies find it difficult to develop intelligent products. In the development process, most intelligent hardware manufacturers usually face such problems as the high costs of communication with suppliers, difficulty in quality control and long development cycles. General brand owners often lack technical reserves for intelligent cloud platforms, mobile APPs, networking modules and other fields, resulting in slow progress in intelligent product development.


Arnoo Benefit – providing simple, one-stop intelligent solutions

In light of the above difficulties, LEEDARSON launched the Arnoo intelligent platform at this year’s IFA to help customers overcome difficulties in the development of intelligent products and provide a full range of services and convenient functions.


The Arnoo intelligent platform can bring customers:

1. Full technical support

As an intelligent platform, Arnoo can help customers solve problems with terminal device connections and provide gateway solutions, a smart home APP, an intelligent cloud platform and professional manufacturing capability. By greatly improving the efficiency of capital and time in the development of intelligent products, Arnoo allows its customers to focus on the areas of expertise with which they are familiar.

2. A highly compatible platform

Almost all compatible devices, such as sensors, lamps and power plugs, can be connected to the Arnoo cloud platform and APP. Customers can achieve customized smart home solutions through simple operations on the platform.

3. Reliable system security

Arnoo has passed the evaluation of GDPR compliance by professional consultants and received certification from the ISO Information Security Management System. It can effectively guarantee the security of the products that customers connect, collected dataand APPs.

4. Value-added data services

Arnoo can collect, store, search, share and analyze the users’ usage data. While upgrading the product experience, it also offers value-added data services, providing data support to allow customers to further optimize their smart home solutions.


Sci-tech development creates a wonderful urban life. After nearly 20 years of deep exploration and innovation, LEEDARSON has transformed from a traditional manufacturing company into an IoT technology company, giving full play to its R&D and production advantages in the IoT field, providing customers with comprehensive solutions covering the entire service chain, and ushering in a new era of wisdom!

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