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IoT ODM Partner Behind World’s Most Revered Tech Brands


LEEDARSON Offers IoT Know-How to North American Smart Device Market


LAS VEGAS – January 4, 2019 – LEEDARSON, a world-leading ODM partner for developing IoT products and the manufacturer behind many of today’s most well-known tech brands, today announced it will spotlight its newest IoT, smart lighting and home security + surveillance solutions from CES 2019 next week. Product design experts will demonstrate the riveting IoT device innovations and interoperability advancements fueled by its world-class R&D and manufacturing centers located across the globe.


One of the best kept secrets in the IoT manufacturing space, LEEDARSON helps customers overcome traditional difficulties in the product development process by providing a single-stop for design, manufacturing, testing/certification, kitting and delivery services. Businesses not only get to market faster but also benefit from a simpler and more convenient overall product development experience.


We Build It – You Label It
LEEDARSON offers an ODM partnership with customers to produce proven, certified IoT products that connect and play ‘smart’ with other brands, standards and ecosystems. This expertise procured behind the scenes puts forth reliable, high-quality products to help boost smart product sales and brand reputation in the IoT market.

“We help companies transform their smart ideas into inventive connected devices, and then help them get into the IoT category quickly and confidently,” said Eder Li, President and CEO, LEEDARSON. “Our well-respected portfolio is anchored by our history in the smart lighting space, and today expands out into the areas of home automation and entertainment, home security, video surveillance and more.”


Harmony Between Smart Devices
One of the biggest obstacles for product manufacturers – and biggest frustrations for consumers – is getting IoT products to interoperate with each other. LEEDARSON recognizes that devices and brands must work together in unison, and therefore plays active roles in helping steer the direction of today’s wireless standards via board-level positions in influential industry associations such as the Zigbee Alliance and Z-Wave Alliance.

In addition, to complement the work being done through IoT consortiums, LEEDARSON also offers its own cloud-based solution that connects IoT products through a single application. The Arnoo Intelligent IoT Platform is part of LEEDARSON’s one-stop IoT shop and acts like a conductor to an IoT orchestra – ensuring all connected products on the network work in harmony. Arnoo by LEEDARSON will be a key display from CES 2019.


Work With Leedarson – Connect To All
LEEDARSON’s multi-protocol devices support various standards (DALI, KNX, Thread, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc.). In addition, the interoperability LEEDARSON establishes between well-known global brands to ensure a satisfying consumer experience is a tremendous brand advantage.

View the impressive line-up of IoT devices and solutions from the Sands Expo Booth #42714 while at CES. To coordinate an in-person meeting with design engineers and company executives, please contact Michael Bailey Smith, Director of IoT Business Development, at


LEEDARSON is the IoT powerhouse behind today’s most popular technology brands. As a world-leading ODM, we partner with businesses to help them design, manufacture, test, certify, kit and deliver extraordinary IoT devices. We apply our honed expertise to help fuel an intelligent world – leveraging multi-protocol standards, platforms and ecosystems to ensure IoT device interoperability. LEEDARSON encourages collaboration for overall industry success, and holds board positions in both the Zigbee Alliance and Z-Wave Alliance. Our history is based on excellence in the LED lighting space, and we’re proud to be the #1 exporter of LED products in China. We leverage these accomplishments, innovation know-how, and cooperative spirit to continually broaden our well-regarded IoT portfolio. Today, we are a high-quality, efficient one-stop shop focused on helping organizations develop proven, reliable and interoperable smart products for the home automation, entertainment, security and video surveillance categories., LinkedIn, Twitter: @LeedarsonGroup

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