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Now Showing at CES 2019: The Revered IoT Devices Behind Today's Biggest Brands


LEEDARSON is a one-stop ODM shop that offers an array of impressive IoT devices. Some of the most well-known tech brands on the planet use our incredible products – and we offer it all: design, manufacturing, testing, certification, kitting and delivery.

From CES 2019 in Las Vegas, we’ll display our Zigbee and Z-Wave-based IoT Interoperability Wall featuring LEEDARSON devices and big-name brands for the smart home, security, surveillance and entertainment categories – all working harmoniously together utilizing our new Arnoo Intelligent IoT Platform. The cloud-based Arnoo app allows consumers to easily connect and control their IoT devices.

Let us show you how LEEDARSON’s innovations will help your company standout in the competitive IoT space. To coordinate an in-person meeting with design engineers and company executives, please contact Michael Bailey Smith, Director of IoT Business Development, at


CES 2019: Building Your Success in IoT
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