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IoT Manufacturing and Smart Systems ODM/Partner LEEDARSON to Present Smart Living Solutions from ISE 2020


Reliable, Streamlined Designs and Comprehensive Connected-Living Advancements to be Showcased in the Z-Wave Pavilion and Experience House
AMSTERDAM – January 17, 2020 – LEEDARSON IoT Technology Inc., a world-leading ODM partner for developing IoT products and the manufacturer behind many of today’s most well-known tech brands, today announced it will spotlight it latest smart living solutions from the Integrated Systems Europe 2020 show in Amsterdam, February 11-14. As a prominent participant within the Z-Wave Pavilion (Stand #9-E150), LEEDARSON’s IoT experts will demo a range of smart software, hardware and system solutions designed to revolutionize residential and building landscapes as the IoT fuels meaningful connections between humans and digital devices.
The Z-Wave Pavilion and Experience House will feature world-leading smart home and IoT manufacturers that are committed to expanding and supporting Z-Wave technology. Attendees gain hands-on interaction with today’s newest and highly anticipated IoT products for 2020, and can observe how multi-brands work together seamlessly in a live home setting.
LEEDARSON IoT products based on the Z-Wave 700 series of standards offer businesses and integrators the finest in engineering excellence to round out IoT portfolios. Components from the 700 family enjoy longer wireless range, lower power consumption, higher performance and higher integration possibilities that previous versions.
The progressive IoT collection offered by LEEDARSON addresses use cases across lighting, security, monitoring, energy, voice assistant and IFTTT settings. The array of devices and end-to-end software, hardware and services delivers a completely connected experience to apply throughout homes and buildings for utmost control and monitoring of surroundings.
Smart living solutions this year focus on home productivity and conveniences involving environmental controls, connectivity, comfort, lighting, security, energy management and the wonders of smart appliances. From smart plugs and keypads to smoke, water leak, glass-breaking and baby-crying sensors and more, LEEDARSON leads the industry in innovation and quality and provides partners with reliable digital devices for standalone or integrated systems.
Designing and Partnering for Your Success
LEEDARSON is a global manufacturer and services provider that offers customers an ODM partnership to produce proven, certified IoT products that interoperate with other brands, standards and ecosystems. The organization plays active roles in steering the direction of today’s IoT standards through board-level positions in influential industry associations including the Zigbee Alliance and Z-Wave Alliance, Zigbee Alliance, and other organizations, and its success in the global marketplace can be measured by a new manufacturing facility opening in Thailand. Production begins in April and will complement LEEDARSON’s existing high-production bases in Zhangzhou and Sichuan.
“We are firmly focused on building products and solutions with credibility and purpose, and to always conduct business in a way that maintains and reinforces our earned reputation of being an admired world-leading technology manufacturer and partner inside the IoT world,’ said John E. Osborne II, Chairman of the Board for the Zigbee Alliance and General Manager, LEEDARSON IoT Technology Inc., North America. “Being part of the Z-Wave Pavilion within the ISE Smart Building Hall puts us in a prosperous pathway as key decision-makers for smart home and smart building communities seek out best-in-class IoT ingredients to support their residential and commercial applications. We’re proud of the hard work we’ve put into each of our digital designs and services.”
To coordinate an in-person meeting from ISE 2020 with design engineers and company executives, please email  For press inquiries, please contact Heather Chesterman at Jocelyn Zhang at
If you won’t be at ISE 2020 but would like to learn more about how LEEDARSON’s one-stop IoT shop and industry experts can help your business get into and excel within the IoT industry, please contact us here.
LEEDARSON is the IoT powerhouse behind today’s most popular technology brands. As a world-leading ODM, we partner with businesses to help them design, manufacture, test, certify, kit and deliver extraordinary IoT devices and end-to-end IoT services to empower every aspect within the home. We apply our honed expertise to help fuel an intelligent world – leveraging multi-protocol standards, platforms and ecosystems to ensure IoT device interoperability. LEEDARSON encourages collaboration for overall industry success, and holds board positions in both the Zigbee Alliance and Z-Wave Alliance. We are also a key participant in the recently announced Project Connected Home over IP initiative, which aims to make connections between smart home products easier for everyone.
Our history is based on excellence in the LED lighting space, and we’re proud to be the #1 exporter of LED products in China. We leverage these accomplishments, innovation know-how, and cooperative spirit to continually broaden our well-regarded IoT portfolio. Today, we are a high-quality, efficient one-stop shop for IoT technologies and services. We pride ourselves on helping organizations develop proven, reliable and interoperable smart products for the home automation, entertainment, security and video surveillance categories., LinkedIn, Twitter: @LeedarsonGroup


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