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John E. Osborne II of LEEDARSON Passes IoT Torch to Bruno Vulcano of Legrand


DAVIS, California – February 10, 2020 – The Zigbee Alliance, an organization of hundreds of companies creating, maintaining, and delivering open, global standards for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that John E. Osborne II will transition his role within the Alliance to Chairman Emeritus and Bruno Vulcano of Legrand Group will assume the position of Zigbee Alliance Board Chairman, previously held by Osborne. The changeover takes effect this week at the conclusion of the Alliance’s 60th Member Meeting.

On the heels of record adoption of Zigbee technology and the culmination of a highly anticipated initiative for the smart home – Connected Home over IP (CHIP) – announced last quarter and already underway, the move comes at an opportune time as the Alliance shifts into a new gear to set the course for the IoT industry. Osborne will stay involved as Chairman Emeritus and a member of the Executive Committee. In addition to serving as General Manager, North America for Leedarson IoT Technology Inc., he remains involved in the Zigbee Alliance to provide counsel to the incoming Chairman and to ensure a smooth transition throughout the course of 2020.

Under Osborne’s six-year tenure as Board Chairman, the Alliance experienced early financial turn-around, an emergence from market participant to market leader, and the doubling of its Board of Directors and Promoter class, which now includes the world’s leaders in smart home, smart building and Internet of Things. Because of its open, low power, self-healing mesh network, LEEDARSON saw Zigbee as the answer to effectively delivering connected products that added value to their customers’ everyday lives and in turn helped them to set out on a path to reach their vision. LEEDARSON is actively involved in the Zigbee Alliance as promoter since 2016. On John’s lead, the continued partnership between LEEDARSON and Zigbee technology enables LEEDARSON to reach and support the best smart-living/building experience to customers worldwide. The implementation of smart home/building is accelerated to make smart living ecosystem more secure and reliable. The achievements and development of today’s IoT will not be made without LEEDARSON and Osborne effort.

“John’s leadership and vision helped turn the Alliance into a broader, professional, delivery-oriented organization that’s attracted visionaries, influencers and competitors and moved them onto the same page to collaborate for the good of the industry,” said Tobin Richardson, President and CEO, Zigbee Alliance. “His contributions to the Alliance and the ripple effect across the industry leaves an important mark along the Zigbee timeline – and we’re thankful for his commitment to remain involved on behalf of LEEDARSON as a trusted advisor and strategist.”

“In my tenure as Chairman, I’ve seen this organization grow into the nucleus of IoT convergence. It’s remarkable to see both the global adoption of Zigbee as well as the expansion of the organization into new transports and I look forward to continuing guiding the Alliance in my role as Chairman Emeritus.” said by John E. Osborne II.
As former Vice-Chair of the Board for six years and an Alliance member for eight years, Bruno Vulcano is well-suited for the Chairman role as the Alliance continues a period of substantial growth and pursues new projects. His steady, proven leadership spans more than two decades, with most recent successes tied to the connected building revolution.
“Welcome the new chairman, Bruno Vulcano. As LEEDARSON continues to move forward with cutting-edge solutions for smart lighting, smart home, and connected commercial buildings, our success confirms that Zigbee was an excellent technology to propel us forward as a leading IoT solution provider, and we look forward to a bright future with new chairman. We will continue to support the Alliance as always.” indicated by LEEDARSON.
LEEDARSON is the IoT powerhouse behind today’s most popular technology brands. As a world-leading ODM, we partner with businesses to help them design, manufacture, test, certify, kit and deliver extraordinary IoT devices and end-to-end IoT services to empower every aspect within the home. We apply our honed expertise to help fuel an intelligent world – leveraging multi-protocol standards, platforms and ecosystems to ensure IoT device interoperability. LEEDARSON encourages collaboration for overall industry success, and holds board positions in both the Zigbee Alliance and Z-Wave Alliance. We are also a key participant in the recently announced Project Connected Home over IP initiative, which aims to make connections between smart home products easier for everyone.
Our history is based on excellence in the LED lighting space, and we’re proud to be the #1 exporter of LED products in China. We leverage these accomplishments, innovation know-how, and cooperative spirit to continually broaden our well-regarded IoT portfolio. Today, we are a high-quality, efficient one-stop-shop for IoT technologies and services. We pride ourselves on helping organizations develop proven, reliable and interoperable smart products for the home automation, entertainment, security and video surveillance categories., LinkedIn, Twitter: @LeedarsonGroup


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