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LEEDARSON Excellent Professional Luminaries Supported Our Client to Win the Awards


At Netherland’s lighting fair in Feb, our client presented professional luminaire systems with LEEDARSON luminaires to the visitors and got great success with the truly promising response to the product line. More gratifying was the client won the best booth design award which was voted by the organization of the exhibition.


A successful trade show display design is about an atmosphere that the perfect lights create. LEEDARSON LIGHTING products strengthened the lighting effect on creating a vibrant and unique atmosphere for a booth that encouraged the participation of the exhibition’s visitors. Lighting designers, consultants, engineers, distributors, installers and other lighting professionals applauded the professional luminaire systems that our client demonstrated.


It is our honor that LEEDARSON helps our client to win the wonderful award and our products can be recognized by customers and professionals. LEEDARSON always hopes to exceed customer expectations. We are looking forward to providing customers with more perfect products and unparalleled experience.

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