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Global Lighting and IoT Leader LEEDARSON Sponsors Zigbee Alliance Member Meeting; Prepares for Upcoming IoT Summit


Xiamen, China – June 14, 2017 – The Zigbee Alliance this week is holding its Summer Member Meeting at the Conrad Xiamen Hotel in Xiamen, China. Alliance Board Member LEEDARSON is the marquee sponsor that’s fueling the week-long gathering of 48 global companies focused on roundtable discussions about certifications, the direction of the Alliance, and the future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Following 60 working sessions, the week will conclude with the highly anticipated IoT Summit this Friday, June 16th that’s expected to draw more than 350 IoT leaders from around the world.


LEEDARSON has been a part of the Alliance since 2013 and is a lead provider in connected, energy-saving lighting solutions impacting homes and businesses on a global level. The company promotes Zigbee standards as the open global choice in green, connected lighting technology and champions Zigbee 3.0 as the most important common language between intelligent devices.


As part of the LEEDARSON-sponsored Monday Summer Summit, the Zigbee Alliance toured the LEEDARSON factory, which is located on the island of Xiamen. The tour gave 90 Zigbee members the opportunity to experience the lighting giant’s facilities, including the manufacturing buildings where over 50 million products a month are produced; many of which are connected lightbulbs that rely on Zigbee technology.


“It was a pleasure to host Zigbee Alliance members at the LEEDARSON facilities this week,” said John E. Osborne II, chairman of the board for the Zigbee Alliance and vice president of IoT sales and marketing, LEEDARSON. “We drive wireless developments and progress forward together through our work with Zigbee technology and members, but it’s not often we get to actually show our Alliance colleagues where and how we design, develop and manufacture the real-world Zigbee-based products that impact people’s daily lives.”


The Friday forum will feature multiple presentations by Huawei, LEEDARSON, Lumi United Technology, NXP Semiconductors and Philips Lighting. Topics will include:

Zigbee Technology Transforming the World of Connected Devices
OceanConnect: Build a Better Connected World
Smart Home: Best Practices in Mass Market Deployment
Panel Discussion: Smart Home - Yesterday's Promise, Today's Reality
Zigbee technology offers consumers easy-to-use control over their LED fixtures, light bulbs, and switches. Products based on Zigbee technology enable consumers to change lighting remotely to reflect ambiance, task or season, all while managing energy use and making homes greener.


LEEDARSON is the worlds’ leader in IoT product manufacturing. Excelling in smart connected lighting, gateways, multi-protocol gateways, sensors, controllers, accessories, applications, and cloud solutions. LEEDARSON is best-in-class and works closely with the biggest brands in the IoT to provide them with the quality products their consumers expect. LEEDARSON’s goal is to maximize the penetration of IoT - enabled devices to develop a global ecosystem for smart homes, commercial buildings, and connected lighting. LEEDARSON’s team is full of experience and industry expertise in R&D and product design. With a highly integrated supply chain and state of the art manufacturing, they ensure rapid response to customer demands, fast delivery and the highest quality. For more information, visit

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