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LEEDARSON’s IoT 2018 Conference - A Great Success!


June 15, 2017 – LEEDARSON held a conference to showcase its new products.

The Conference attracted 80 customers from 24 of the top brand names from around the world. The focus of the event was LEEDARSON’s IoT strategy, direction, and capabilities.


IoT Strategy:

CEO Eder Lee shared LEEDARSON’s Strategy as a leader in the connected home, and commercial buildings covering sensors, lighting, and applications to provide comfort, increase security and reduce energy. LEEDARSON continues to invest in R&D resources across the globe with a focus on connected lighting, multi-protocol gateways, sensors, controllers, accessories, applications, and cloud solutions This allows LEEDARSON to serve customers in over 100 countries from design, manufacture, distribution, service, and support.



Also speaking at the event was Kellen Yang, VP of IoT Sales and Marketing, and Richard Taylor, Graphic Strategy, who shared their product solution vision use cases for smart home and commercial applications. By being at the forefront of development and working with their customers, LEEDARSON has a very strong roadmap for the future.


Topics: IoT in Residential and Commercial Applications.


Customers discussed the states of the markets and trends. The discussions helped customers and designers understand the market difficulties of high costs, install challenges, privacy, security, and cloud applications: As market demands trends increasingly upwards everyone needs to understand their customers’ needs and produce products and services that meet those demands.




Scene Play:



The show for the guests featured LEEDARSON’s IoT products as a way to both entertain and educate.

As the world’s leading LED lighting manufacturer, LEEDARSON has applied its experience and expertise in design, manufacturing, and the supply chain and became an IoT powerhouse in 2011. LEEDARSON’s Operating Strategy—IQSS (Innovation, Quality, Speed, and Scale) is the key to their success and the success of their partners and customers.

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