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LEEDARSON Industrial Design Center Was Awarded As


China National Light Industry Council awards LEEDARSON as "China Light Industry Industrial Design Center".


“China Manufacturing 2025” is an important strategy to build China into a manufacturing powerhouse. To implement “China Manufacturing 2025” and promote the green, intelligent, collaborative of advanced design technology, China National Light Industry Council carries out innovative design demonstrations in the traditional manufacturing industry, strategic emerging industry, modern service industry, and other key industries.


According to the requirements of the documents issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China National Light Industry Council organizes the expert assessment and evaluation group to assess the industrial design teams. After a comprehensive and strict evaluation, 15 companies’ industry design centers including LEEDARSON was named "China Light Industry Industrial Design Center". 


As the world’s leading LED lighting manufacturer, LEEDARSON devoted to design and manufacture high-quality LED lights. We cherish this award and will make our effort to provide excellent design and unparalleled experience for our customers.

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