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LEEDARSON Launched the First Time Online Seminar


Xiamen, China – March 11, 2020 – LEEDARSON IoT Technology Inc., LEEDARSON is a leading global provider of IoT products and solutions focusing on smart home and smart building, today hosted an online global seminar with John E Osborne II, Chairman Emeritus of the board of Zigbee Alliance & General Manager of LEEDARSON Group North America, and Bill Ablondi, Director of Smart Home Strategies at Strategy Analytics. The seminar was performed perfectly and it brings audiences to think about the future possibility of the IoT.


At the beginning of online seminar, Luke Lin, Group Vice President & IoT General Manager of LEEDARSON made the warm opening speech for appreciating guest's participation. Kellen Yang, IoT Global Sales & Marketing Director of LEEDARSON had a 10minutes speech. In her speech, she reviewed the development process of LEEDARSON over the past ten years and the company's future development goal. She mentioned coronavirus is spreading across the world. LEEDARSON, as one of the biggest world-leading companies, has full preparation for this epidemic with 100% work resumption and long-term good cooperation with suppliers to ensure adequate supply. With the new overseas factory in Thailand and advanced automated production line which can reduce labor input, LEEDARSON has the ability to deliver customers' orders timely and firmly.


After Kellen's speech, John E Osborne II reported the latest progress of Connected Home over IP (CHIP). He introduced CHIP is a new initiative to evolve the smart home around IP-based standards and it is not a new standard but a convergence of multiple protocols such as Apple HomeKit, Google Weave, and Zigbee's Dotdot. It creates a structure within the alliance to provide a mature process of openness, within oversight and certification of product and new workgroups for speed and efficiency. CHIP was announced to the world in December 2019 before CES and it resulted in heavy press/analyst coverage. Now, CHIP is an ongoing session, multiple in-person and virtual sessions continue and more and more members joined the alliance. CHIP will surely change the world due to its unifying, versatile, ecosystem-flexible and easy-to-use.


In the end, Bill Ablondi gave everyone a smart home market update, key trends in the 2020 market and market outlook. He said the world is changing from digital-connected-smart-intelligent. According to the consumer's survey data, we can know 39% of households across the countries surveyed have one or more smart home devices, the US and UK have significantly higher ownership rates. Word-of-mouth tops the list of sources for smart home information. Security, thermostats, and cameras top the overall list of ownership. His speech gives attendees great inspiration to make smart home strategies.


This online seminar means a lot to LEEDARSON since this is LEEDARSON’s first hosted such event. With this successful experience, LEEDARSON will keep holding more and more meaningful webinars in the future.



Founded in 2000, Leedarson is a leading global provider of IoT products and solutions focusing on smart home and smart building management. Starting with intelligent lighting, Leedarson has entered the IoT field and is committed to bringing IoT into each home and building for a smart connected world. Leedarson, headquartered in Xiamen, currently has nearly 10,000 employees, and operates in more than 60 countries and regions, serving customers around the world. With 20 years' experience, Leedarson can deliver a global service with its robust R & D and leading manufacturing capability. With the mission of "Lighting Better Life with Better IoT Innovation", Leedarson is devoted to achieving the goal of “To be An Admired World-Leading IoT Technology Company”.

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