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Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Leedarson IoT Tech Town Phase 1 Project


XIAMEN, CHINA – March 12, 2020 – Groundbreaking ceremony for Leedarson IoT Tech Town phase 1 project was successfully held in Fujian Changtai County Economic Development Zone on March 12, 2020. Local government officials were invited to attend the ceremony, and Eder Lee, Chairman of Leedarson Group delivered a speech on the scene.


"This is a significant decision that Leedarson launches this IoT Tech Town project, which will help us to speed up the strategic objectives of ten-billion-mile and hundred-billion-journey, and long-term development plan…” Eder said.


The total area of Leedarson IoT Tech Town project will cover 8,000,000+ m², including an area of 1,500,000+ m² for phase 1 project, with an investment of USD357 million (RMB2.5 billion). This project is mainly for the construction of automatic smart factory, intelligent logistics system, automatic storage center, to fulfill the R&D and production of IoT hardware (including intelligent lighting) and software. It will help Leedarson to increase their leading advantages in smart living, smart building, smart commercial space, and security fields. After completion, the estimated value of annual production will reach USD100 million.


While the COVID-19 outbreak is disrupting supply chains and manufacturing around the world, Leedarson (one of the IoT manufacturing companies) has rapidly recovered with powerful anti-risk capabilities and got motivated to set off on this project. It is a new starting point for Leedarson to realize comprehensive transformation to intelligence and become an admired world-leading IoT technology company. 



Founded in 2000, Leedarson is a leading global provider of IoT products and solutions focusing on smart home and smart building management. Starting with intelligent lighting, Leedarson has entered the IoT field and is committed to bringing IoT into each home and building for a smart connected world. Leedarson, headquartered in Xiamen, currently has nearly 10,000 employees, and operates in more than 60 countries and regions, serving customers around the world. With 20 years of experience, Leedarson can deliver a global service with its robust R & D and leading manufacturing capability. With the mission of "Lighting Better Life with Better IoT Innovation", Leedarson is devoted to achieving the goal of “To be An Admired World-Leading IoT Technology Company".

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