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LEEDARSON Showcases the Latest IoT Products and Technologies at Digital Experience 2018


Las Vegas, Nevada –LEEDARSON, a world-leading IoT products and solutions provider, showcases a Multi-protocol Gateway, a Voice-controlled Ceiling Lamp and a Motion Sensing Controller at the Digital Experience 2018. These advanced products feature innovative wireless compatibility, along with voice and motion control. These incredible IoT products can be upgraded and customized with the use of various accessories and mobile devices to create a comfortable and intelligent home that fits your lifestyle.


Multi-protocol Gateway

The LEEDARSON Multi-protocol Gateway supports the wireless protocols of Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Wi-Fi, allowing it to be compatible with a wide array of IoT devices and supports cloud-to-cloud interoperability with popular IoT platforms in today’s market. When you combine this gateway with various IoT products that include smart lighting, sensors, controllers and IP products, you will experience the benefits and ease of a Smart Home system that includes customizable settings, energy-saving, and programmable schedules. The Multi-protocol Gateway supports cloud service with an application that can control devices remotely and gather data for analysis.  More significantly, the Multi-protocol Gateway can also support and control any device locally, meaning that you don’t need a network. In addition, the Multi-protocol Gateway can be controlled through voice commands with a voice-control assistant, such as Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.


Voice-controlled Ceiling Lamp

At this event, LEEDARSON introduces an innovative, Voice-controlled Ceiling Lamp that implements cutting-edge IoT technology. Customize your light illumination into four of your own personal settings, such as; Relax, Reading, Morning and Bedtime. You have access to approximately 16 million colors using mixtures of Red, Green, Blue and White color settings ranging from 1800 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin. This option can be controlled with voice, an app, and through other compatible devices. The Voice-controlled Ceiling Lamp is a convenient lighting solution for your intelligent Smart Home. In the future, LEEDARSON will expand its voice-controlled lighting portfolio to include fixtures, lamps and luminaires to bring you more convenience and custom light settings throughout your home.


Motion Sensing Controller

The LEEDARSON Motion Sensing Controller has just two control buttons and is designed to operate right out of the box. This Motion Sensing Controller makes it simple for homeowners to stay comfortable and allow the ability to control of their lights and other devices. Just by pressing one of the control buttons you can adjust the uncomplicated Motion Sensing Controller to change the colors of the light, dim and brighten the light, along with changing other compatible device settings without using an app. The Motion Sensing Controller has customizable settings that allow you to preset different actions to control multiple devices. It is a user-friendly device that takes up minimal space and is small enough to hang on your keychain.


At the LEEDARSON booth (#41731), every attendee will be introduced to the broadened portfolio of IoT products and their innovative functionality will be showcased at Digital Experience. These are valuable solutions and services that extend interaction and intelligence with the aim of supporting an improved quality of Smart Life.


For more information on LEEDARSON and its innovative IoT product line and services at CES 2018, please visit booth #41731 in Halls A-D, Sands Expo, Las Vegas. And please follow for CES 2018 updates throughout the event.

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