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LEEDARSON Smart Plug for Your Smart Home


The LEEDARSON smart plug is one of the most universal devices to connect your smart home appliances easily. With a smart plug, you can remotely control your electrical appliances in your home flexibly and conveniently by mobile APP. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, you can make the devices connect to the Smart Plugs with voice commands. The plug is equipped with a power measurement feature. It can help you measure the instantaneous and accumulative energy consumption of the connected devices. The timing function offers an easy way for you to control the appliance switch anywhere and anytime freely and make the normal appliances to be intelligent. The image that you can power your coffee maker before get up and you will enjoy a cup of aromatic and delicious coffee and hug a really nice day. British, EU and USA types are available.

Remote control - Control your electronic devices connected to the Smart Plug, by using the app, to always be in control whether at home or away.
Scheduling Tool - Schedule the Smart Plug to automatically power electronics on and off as needed.
Energy Monitor - Review the real-time and historical power consumption history for a connected appliance.
Away Mode - Turn your devices on and off at different times to always give the appearance that someone is home.
Voice Control - Connect to the HUB, pair with Amazon Alexa and enable voice control.
Overload protection - Have peace of mind knowing that the Smart Plug protects against power surges.

Please Visit the LEEDARSON booth (41731) in Hall A-D, The Sands Expo Center to know how smart the LEEDARSON Plug is and experience holistic IoT solutions.

You can also visit the Z-Wave booth ( 41717) to know more about our Smart Plug. For more news and information on LEEDARSON, please visit, contact us by 86-369-9963, or send the email to

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