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LEEDARSON Spotlights Lighting Control Solutions during CES 2018


Las Vegas, Nevada – At CES 2018 (booth # 41731, January 9-12, Hall A-D, Sands Expo, Las Vegas, NV). LEEDARSON, a global leader in lighting and IoT industries, will showcase connected smart home and innovative commercial building products and solutions that allow consumers to control everything in and around their home and office. With customers’ increased requirements of lighting ecosystems in the IoT area, LEEDARSON will spotlight its expanded portfolio of integrated lighting control solutions and IoT products for both the home and office.


LEEDARSON Lighting Control in Home Solutions featured at the booth will showcase the flexible and diversified ways to tailor your lighting needs and fit your lifestyle through the use of remote controls, voice control, sensor control, Smart phones and tablets.


Remote Control - With the application LEEDARSON lighting control systems you can directly connect and control your lights and devices with a wall switch, a remote control or even without an application.


Voice Control - Lighting devices can be controlled through voice commands with a voice-control assistant such as Amazon Alexa™, Google Home™ or Siri™ platforms. Easy to control, the local voice control can take effects with no internet access. 


Sensor Control - LEEDARSON enhanced its lighting control systems to connect and control your lights with automatic settings that can detect motion and turn on the lights. You will never walk into a dark house again after pairing together lighting with sensors.


Application Control - Easily control your lights with the use of an application. LEEDARSON lighting control systems have customizable settings that allow you to adapt the light controls to suit your schedule even when you are not at home.


LEEDARSON Lighting Control in Office Solutions deliver actionable insights for more reliable use and functions. Offerings include human-centric atmospheres, trigger conditions, energy monitoring and optimum lighting.


Human-centric Atmospheres - LEEDARSON lighting control systems provide countless options by changing atmospheres to bring comfort and security. The system can be enabled with environmental and location-based requirements to adjust to your needs


Various Conditions - Easily set to various lighting conditions for different environments, LEEDARSON can provide every staff member a comfortable experience during the workday. A positive workplace improves efficiency.


Energy Monitoring – LED lighting Equipped with occupancy and daylight sensors offer a unique way to monitor, manage and control the home and office environment.


Optimum lighting – Work and living spaces have different lighting needs. Schools, retail stores, offices and warehouses can be optimized with LEEDARSON Lighting Control Solutions


All this can be realized with LEEDARSON Lighting Control Solutions. You can see these holistic solutions, our capabilities, our staff and other innovations at CES.


Visit the LEEDARSON booth (41731) in Hall A-D, The Sands Expo Center to experience holistic IoT solutions. For more news and information on LEEDARSON, please visit, contact us by (+86) 592-369-9963, or send the email to

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