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UK Dimmer Switch
UK Dimmer Switch
UK Dimmer Switch
UK Dimmer Switch

UK Dimmer Switch

Dimming your traditional lights easily from anywhere.

• Transforms traditional lighting to smart lighting easily and quickly, compatible with LEDs, CFL and incandescent bulbs.
• Remote dimming control lights from anywhere.
• Set light on and off or lightness at dawn, dusk, or any time that works with your daily schedule.
• LED indicator light to help locate the switch button in the dark.
• Quick connection via BLE.
Electrical Ratings
Input: 220-240VAC, 50Hz
Power Ratings
1Gang: 200Watts
2Gang: 300Watts, 200 Watts max.per gang
Wireless Protocol
Wi-Fi or Zigbee3.0
Wireless Range
Open outdoor LOS 300ft(100m)
130ft(40m) LOS indoor
86x86mm (Suitable for UK Back box 25mm)
Temperature Range
Operating: 0-35C Non-operating: -20-60C
Workwith Platform
Alexa/Google Assistant
Power Metering
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