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LEEDARSON Demonstrated to Celebrate Matter Adoption Momentum


LEEDARSON, a leading global provider of IoT products and solutions, recently announced the launch of Matter-Certified, recognizing its first-ever Matter products eligibility. The new Matter additions come from lighting and Control, with the entire strip to implement later this year. LEEDARSON also has demonstrations of lighting, Control, and smart appliance devices at the global Matter launch. This is an open celebratory media event represented by Connectivity Standards Alliance and featured member companies or Matter-certified products in Amsterdam last week to celebrate Matter’s evolution from standards to adoption. 


LEEDARSON is debuting the first batch of Matter-equipped devices, including an A19 light bulb, plug, switch, and electric household, with all of the products part of the company’s Matter plan and will initially work over both Wi-Fi and Thread. Working closely with the Alliance and working groups make itself an essential part of Matter SVE outcomes is just the beginning. The company aims to fulfill more Matter applications in-house based on its mature IoT portfolios.


As an ODM powerhouse behind many big smart home brands, LEEDARSON is a company that has been delivering products and services that help customers achieve their values, and interoperability is more clearly becoming the core to deliver on that value. Kicking off the year 2023, LEEDARSON will take a more prominent stage from CES and bring its customers more richness of Matter applications, including lighting fixtures, security, energy control, air purifiers, heaters, etc. And we are seeing them working on multiple interfaces and across the platforms. 


In the progressing member meeting this week, the Connectivity Standards Alliance also takes members to a look at its achievements and records across all working groups and milestones. Again, LEEDARSON is among the featured companies mentioned driving the results forward. As the company announced that it is one of the first matter-certified companies promising to implement IoT products using Matter, this is another considerable momentum that has been achieved since 2017, when LEEDARSON was the first adopter of Zigbee 3.0, developed by the Alliance.


LEEDARSON, a device manufacturer, has grown with a rich, smart home product matrix covering Lighting and Fixtures, Control & Security, Smart Household Appliances, etc., providing global customers with fast implementations from concept to reality. Now, Matter comes with a mission to break down the barriers of multiple protocol requirements and simplify IoT adoptions. This envisioning corresponds with the LEEDARSON philosophy of building a brighter future, called Interoperability, Security, Simplicity, and Privacy. Following the initial release and first certified Matter compatibility, LEEDARSON is pushing continued efforts to develop version upgrades and dedicated to more product realizations coming after.

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