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LEEDARSON’s Smart Office and Smart Retail Solution Coming Soon


LEEDARSON’s Smart Lighting can help enhance productivity and mood while reducing energy costs in commercial and retail spaces. For offices, it provides almost limitless options for supporting our biological rhythms or creating desired atmospheres. It also easily adapts to various tasks and required lighting conditions for each room. For retail lighting, the system can also provide location services to assist both associates and customers, provide location services to enhance a shopper’s experience with the goal to motivate them to spend more time in-store and to return for future shopping experiences.


LEEDARSON’s environmental monitors also help to assess and maintain a productive workspace in the office and a comfortable place for customers to stay and shop. For retail, temperature monitoring improves food safety. 24/7 monitoring analyzes data and eliminates human error, and avoid error-prone manual observation.


Environmental sensors and cameras provide a level of security in both commercial buildings and in retail environments. In retail, they also provide a platform to collect data for marketing and merchandising programs. For security, they provide deterrence to criminals which reduces theft and generally lifts the quality of the shopping environment by having potential miscreants leave. This is the 'making a nicer place to shop' environment.


Tracking solutions with sensors video provide data to commercial building owners so they can better manage their office resources. For the retailer, with hand-helds added, it provides similar planning data but also real-time merchandising and marketing data which creates a one-to-one customer relationship. This includes location-based services to help customers shop, real-time.  That relationship increases customer loyalty and increases spending.


Real-time pricing for retailers, through Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), is a great solution for maximizing revenue for retailers. It lowers labor costs, keeps pricing very accurate, and allows price changes based on supply and demand - by store.


LEEDARSON’s smart office and smart retail solutions are just suitable for you.

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